(Easton, MD) Jan 20, 2016 - At the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Conference in December 2016, CMS recognized Delmarva Foundation for work done in the CMS 10th Scope of Work from August 2011 – July 2014 in Maryland and the District of Columbia. CMS applauded the company for contributing to saving 87,000 lives, 2.1 million fewer patient harms, and $19.8 billion in cost savings to the Medicare program.

Delmarva Foundation partnered with the Maryland Hospital Association, the District of Columbia Hospital Association, the District of Columbia Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Coordinator from the DC Health Care Department and multiple Hospital Engagement Networks to reduce HAIs in Maryland and the District.

In addition, Delmarva Foundation staff worked on care transitions to reduce readmissions and adverse drug events. CMS noted exceptional performance in Maryland with a reduction in central line blood stream infections to a standard infection ratio (SIR) of 0.49 when the stretch goal was < 0.5, and a statewide reduction of readmissions by 11.5% at 27 months of the contract. This contributed to a national reduction of 17% of hospital readmissions.

"Kudos to the 10th Scope of Work QIO team involved in this work," said Delmarva Foundation Senior Vice President Roxanne Rodgers. "led by Janet Robinson (retired in 2016), the team included the following associates who now are continuing these efforts for the DC QIO 11th Scope of Work under the leadership of Bonnie Horvath: Janet Jones, Jackie Hairston, Jennifer Thomas, and Marquis Brown."

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